Listen To The Music                                           DJ Tomcat 11AM -1PM  

Time Warp                                                          Bart Shore   2PM to  3PM

The Soul Posse                                                    Paul Ressler  4PM to 6PM

Down On The Street Corner                             DJ George Frunzi  6 to 8 PM

Wrinkle City Relics                                            DJ Chris  8 to 10 PM

Sunday Night Doo Wop Party                           DJ Stu  10 to 1:01 AM


Vocal Group Harmony Show                             DJ Tony  8 to 10 PM

Mogie's Time Machine                                        DJ Mogie  10 to 1AM



The Night Train                                                   Uncle Jack  8 to 10PM

Tune Town                                                            DJ  Jiffy Jeff  11 to 1PM

Harmony Street                                                   DJ Mike Miller  1 to 3PM  

Return To Bleeker St.                                          DJ Stu  10 to 12:01 AM



R&B Express                                                        DJ Dick 2:30 to 4:30pmPM

Mogie's Forgotten Gems                                     DJ Mogie  4:30 to 7:30PM

Rics Digital Garage                                            Rockin Ric  8 to Midnight



Rons Record Shop                                               DJ Ron  5 to 9 PM

Uncle Jacks Roadhouse ,                                     Uncle Jack  9 - 12PM

Classic Country Edition       



Sentimental Journey                                            DJ Mogies  4 to 6PM

The Pop Shoppe                                                    DJ Stu 6:30 to  2:01AM



Uncle Jack’s Road House                                    Uncle Jack  7 to 10 PM

Hot Wax & Doo Wop Memories                         DJ Cal  10 PM  to 1 AM

Memory Lane Oldies

DJ & Program Schedules